Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Post-Op Game.

My post-operative life is like playing a game of Snakes and Ladders at the moment. Every so often I land on a square which permits me to climb a little way up a ladder, and then suddenly I arrive at the head of a snake and slip back down again. So it was yesterday; various forms and levels of pain and discomfort made an unwelcome re-appearance and my mood tumbled with them.

Maybe it was because I permitted myself the luxury of doing a minor job which required slightly more effort than picking up a feather with care and concentration. Maybe it was because I went for a slightly longer walk. Maybe it was because I’d disobeyed the consultant’s orders the day before and taken the car out for a drive. Maybe it was the thump I got from the backpack which I reported in an earlier post.

Alternatively, I might just be making excuses to avoid an unpalatable fact: the process of healing after the removal of a kidney is apparently a long and frustrating one and I just have to cultivate an unfamiliar level of patience for as long as it takes. In fairness, I was told to expect a series of ups and downs. At the same time I suppose I’d better start obeying orders, which isn’t something I’m naturally inclined to do. Playing a game of Snakes and Ladders by the rules occupies the interest well enough for a little while, but eventually it grows tedious.

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