Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Broken One Rambling a Bit.

I was thinking tonight that responses to adverts fall into four broad categories:

Unintelligent consumers watch or read them all.

Intelligent consumers are more selective.

Intelligent non-consumers close their eyes or click the close ad button. They’re also much given to muttering expletives every time one appears.

Unintelligent non-consumers are hard for me to judge because I can only think of one I ever knew (she was also one of the finest people I ever knew.) If she was typical, then the type carries on knitting, baking, or washing the dog’s ears, and watches the pictures by way of occasional variation.

You wouldn’t think I was a broken person, would you?

(And incidentally, taking a shower with a catheter fitted takes twice as long and is a right bloody pain. I also discovered this week that women don’t have a prostate gland. Now I’m trying to think of a reason to care.)

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