Sunday, 29 April 2018

Resisting the Urge.

I’m dancing in my computer chair again, to the sound of Deep Forest and their Forest Hymn this time. (I’m nothing if not adaptable, you know. It was Irish last time. This time it’s pygmies singing about the rain forest.)

But my extant kidney is complaining as usual:

If it isn’t bad enough losing the companionship of your twin brother, now you send me bobbing up and down like a cork in a washtub. Do stop it.

OK; forbearance is due in the circumstances. But it’s a nice tune nonetheless. You can listen to it here if you want to. You can even imagine me dancing in my computer chair, although I doubt it would be worth the effort.

(I seem to be in a better mood at the moment than has become usual of late. Better make the most of it. Tomorrow it might be back to the Sargasso Sea on a flat day.)

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