Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Moon and Spirits.

Being a male living alone, I’ve realised that there’s an advantage to having a bedroom with a south facing window. The rationale is a bit complicated, but here goes:

I sleep in a double bed, and I always sleep on the right because that was where I slept when several lady companions shared it with me (though not all at the same time, I should add.) Why on the right? I don’t know. It just always seemed right to be on the right. I stood to the right in my wedding photograph, and my dad stood to the right in his. I think it might be a race memory of needing to have the sword arm free for immediate action, wholly unencumbered by the close proximity of clinging damsels.

So anyway…

The left side of my bed has been empty for the past twelve years, except for maybe the odd Japanese ghost whose attempts to attract my attention with fierce and fiendish eyes – not to mention the white nightgown and straggly black hair – are wasted because I’m either too tired or too drunk to notice. (Actually, I never get drunk. I just get mildly inebriated on a regular basis. And I’d better be careful what I say because the odd Japanese ghost – and they are a pretty odd lot – might read this blog and steal the whisky bottle by way of fitting revenge.)

So anyway…

The left side of my bed faces south, and a couple of feet beyond it is a south facing window, and the full moon is always in the southern sky when I go to bed. All of which means that the moonbeams stream into the room if the sky is clear, and sometimes they stream in at such an angle as to occupy the left side of my bed so I’m not lonely any more (excuse the syrup.) Isn’t that nice?

(Well, it is as long as Japanese ghosts don’t use moonbeams as a means of conveyance to get through windows and take up station in people’s beds. It would be just like them to have learned such a dastardly trick, they being clever and Japanese an’ all. Maybe I should make an exception tonight and get well plastered.)

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