Friday, 28 April 2017

Mill Lane's New Magnet.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that there’s a field off Mill Lane in which are domiciled several American quarter horses, a herd of massive sheep (which must be foreign because we Brits don’t generally do massive), a Shetland pony, and three llamas. Today I saw that they have a new friend:


Ah, the donkey. We all say ‘ahhh…’ when we see a donkey, don’t we? Or at least we should, for the donkey is the animal exposition of the universal language. Frequently exploited, abused and neglected, the donkey is the animal which unites good people everywhere in the hope that all of their kind should receive a good home and tender care. And that is what I fervently wish for this one.

I used to have a special reason for frequenting Mill Lane, but that’s sadly in the past. Now I have a new reason for making the effort to stroll that way more often. It might be that, on occasion, the donkey will be close by and I can bestow upon it handfuls of fresh hay from the ungrazed side of the gate. For I think there are probably very few pleasures in life more uplifting than to bestow handfuls of fresh hay upon a donkey.

You may raise a solitary sniff, lift the single tear from your eye, and wish me well in my new endeavour.

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