Friday, 28 April 2017

When PC Bounces.

I read today that some academics working in an equality and diversity unit at Oxford University have issued a list ‘racial micro-aggressions’ in a newsletter. These are very bad things which you mustn’t do because they amount to ‘everyday racism.’

I expect they meant well (although they might just have been finding one more way to justify their existence, for who can really tell?) and, of course, I have full sympathy with the principle. Racial intolerance has been one of my pet hates since childhood.

But the ball has bounced back and biffed them on the nose because one of the things listed as a must-avoid is not making proper eye contact. Whoops! Now they’re being accused of discriminating against autistic people because autistic people have difficulty making proper eye contact. Oh dear. And an emeritus professor at the University of Kent has suggested that the big boys at Oxford should ‘take a reality check.’

This is most interesting. Could it be that if you fire off large quantities of arrows too quickly rather than taking more careful aim with a smaller number of missiles, you end up missing the target and shooting yourself in the foot?

Meanwhile, the big boys at Oxford have said ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ and promised to be more careful in future.

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