Monday, 24 April 2017

Losing Lemon.

There I was watching the last twenty minutes of the samurai-called-Lemon film. I was all settled with a pint bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale and a piece of buttered toast, and the film was finally going into creepy mode. Lemon was in the process of being haunted by the ghosts of his victims and it was becoming all a bit Shakespearean. There was definitely a hint of Macbeth and Banquo in the air. Or Hamlet and his dad. The sheeted dead were squeaking and gibbering nicely in the Japanese streets. Yummy…

And then the video stopped. Just stopped.

I examined the options. Has my internet fallen out? No. Has YouTube packed up? Everything else plays, so no. Could it be a glitch in the system and I just have to pull the progress bar forward a bit? No. OK, let’s reload it and pull it over to the end.

Deleted Video. This account has been terminated due to multiple third party copyright violations.

What?! They’ve snatched it unceremoniously from my ravening maw. It’s like having your dinner taken away from you just when you’d saved the best bits ’til last.

It’s a bit bloody much, isn’t it, if you can’t watch a film on YouTube and have confidence in being able to watch all of it. Ten minutes from the end I was. Ten freggin’ minutes! Wouldn’t you think they’d give you a warning?

WARNING: This film will terminate in two hours, so don’t leave any over until tomorrow night.

So now I’ll never know what happened to Lemon. I could watch the modern version which is also up on YouTube (although for how long?), but that isn’t the point. The modern version won’t be as Shakespearean as the old one, and I’m sulking big time anyway.

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