Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Note on the Picture.

I  gather the First Official Picture of America’s Official First Lady is causing a bit of a stir over there in the colonies. We’ve probably all seen it, but just in case anybody hasn’t…

It seems the image is considered sufficiently important as to warrant the attention of several American academics and encourage them to infer levels of arcane significance contained therein, such as the fact that the undefined background echoes Mrs Trump’s position in the White House. (In the kitchen slaving over Donald’s dinner, surely.)

Well, I’m not an academic. (Not intelligent enough. No inclination. Insufficient attention span.) I’m only an ex-professional photographer, and all I see is an average glam pic of an average ex-professional model. (Although, with just a little more airbrush attention to the strikingly predatory eyes they could have been copied and pasted from a Japanese horror movie poster.)

So what does it really say about Melania’s credentials to be Uncle Sam’s Number One Dame? Nothing; it doesn’t need to. She married Donald Trump. Isn’t that enough?

And while I’m on the line, I thought I’d post a complimentary picture of me when I was about the same age as she is now. That was back in the days when I still had sexual capital (a phrase I heard very recently from a woman much younger and cleverer than me, and which I’ve been dying for an excuse to use ever since) and still had the energy to do things which I can’t do any more. (As far as I know…)

Not so very different really, is it?

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