Monday, 24 April 2017

Statistics and a Missed Mission.

After the last tedious post on the desiccated subject of politics, let’s get back to some wholesome insanity. Statistics; that’s a good one.

Statistics are becoming the stock in trade of academics and other experts everywhere these days. Remember the experts I wrote about here who said that 85% of the population was dehydrated? That’s the sort of statistic I’m referring to. Today’s was in a shop window in Uttoxeter. It said:

65% of women are wearing bras the wrong size.

Well, blow me. What a shame that I no longer have any sexual capital. (There, I managed to get that phrase in again. How I do honour the priestess and her words.)

I could have a fun-filled life, couldn’t I? I could go on a course and become an expert on well fitting bras.  (A few of them do have their uses – experts, that is, not bras.) And then I could make it my mission to seek out the ⅔ of women who are going sadly astray and lead them back to the light.

I greatly rue the fact that there were no experts around when I was a teenager and still had a future to map out. Don’t we all want to leave the world a better place than the one we found when we got here? And have fun in the process. Yes indeed.

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