Thursday, 15 May 2014

Today's Reverie.

An English cottage nestled in an English cottage garden, dripping multitudinous colour in the warm and mellow moistness of a damp July evening. A girl with raven hair plays Debussy’s La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin through an open window. The scent of honeysuckle seduces the senses.

You could invent such things all day, couldn’t you?

I saw the Lady Bella today, jogging up a hill, bedecked in tight black and availed of modern headset. She was holding up the traffic on the narrow lane. I waved, and she waved back. She looked more Mediterranean than English. I wonder what the music was.

I thought of little else for about an hour.

Didn’t somebody once say: 'Nothing you want is upstream?' He was wrong. Everything you want is upstream. At least, that's how it appears to me on days replete with English summer gardens and Mediterranean sylphs.


Anthropomorphica said...

Become the salmon Mr B. they're experts at upstream!

JJ Beazley said...

Now, can I turn that into a philosophy..?

Anthropomorphica said...

Your mantra as you wander the lanes JJ "Be the salmon, be the salmon"

JJ Beazley said...