Monday, 19 May 2014

Life and Tidiness.

I’ve been more engaged in e-mailing than blogging lately, and that won’t do, will it?

So, today’s thought: I hate trimming things in the spring – things like hedges and embankments and verdant life overgrowing the path. Here are all these wonderful green growing things that have just put so much energy into bursting forth, and we come along and cut them off in their prime. There’s something disrespectful about it, obscene even. It isn’t as though we’re going to eat them, is it? Trimming things should surely be confined to the autumn when the energy is spent and the cycle turned full circle.

I wonder why humans are so obsessed with tidiness and functionality.

(I have an unfortunate habit of cutting people off in their prime, too, and I’ve always wondered why. Maybe it’s to do with tidiness and functionality.)

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