Sunday, 11 May 2014

North Korea: On Buttons and Bums.

I was amused by the furore over North Korea’s racist diatribe against President Obama, prompted, no doubt, by the fact that he’s bigger mates with the South Koreans than he is with them. I gather they were making statements like ‘He’s a big ape with a red bum’ and ‘He eats indiscriminately, sometimes off the ground and sometimes from trees.’ They referred to his ‘thick lips’ and ‘uncertain blood.’ And all this from official sources, not your average YouTube commenter.

Well, nobody should take this seriously, of course. It’s funny. It’s the language of a five-year-old with behavioural difficulties having a tantrum.

What we should be taking seriously, however, is the question of North Korea and nuclear weaponry. Let’s face it, nuclear weapons are a bit nasty, so you don’t want the big red button in the hands of a bunch of five-year-olds with behavioural difficulties, do you?

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