Monday, 5 May 2014

Loving the Tabloids.

Yahoo reprinted an interesting little piece from a tabloid recently. It was tucked not far below the headlines which covered, as always, such weighty matters as which female celebrity is wearing the fewest clothes this week, and whether some tacky-but-popular TV talent show is fixed. The interesting one ran the following:

An American TV evangelist is saying that he’s sure the world will be destroyed one day by a massive asteroid strike. He says it’s the only scenario he can envisage which accords with biblical prophecy. I gather he’s noted for his apocalyptic predictions, but on this occasion he was relatively restrained. ‘It could be next week or it could be in a thousand years,’ he said, ‘but I’m sure it will happen one day.’

The tabloid which ran that piece began it with:

Evangelist predicts massive asteroid strike, and it could be as early as next week!

Don’t you just love the tabloids? They provide hours of amusement (not to mention material for blog posts.) It’s just a pity that they sometimes stumble into matters which are weighty, and then it isn’t always so funny because that’s how innocent people get lynched and politicians who are both nasty and incompetent get their feet under the table of government.

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