Thursday, 29 May 2014

From the Sublime to the Sickening.

Two news items caught my interest at lunchtime.

1. John Kerry says that Edward Snowden should accept that he’s a fugitive from justice. (Justice, Mr K? You mean the law, I assume. Since when have the terms ‘justice’ and ‘the law’ ever been entirely synonymous? Let’s use the right term, shall we?) He says that Snowden should ‘man up.’ (Well, that should get the odd redneck cheering.) He goes further and says that if Snowden ‘believes in America’ he should go home and trust the American justice system. Isn’t somebody being a little naïve here?

Where do you get your politicians from, America? The Las Vegas comedy circuit?  Thought so. We get ours from the same place.

2. And then I read about the pregnant woman in Pakistan who was stoned and beaten to death outside a courtroom by her own family because she’d married against their wishes. The police stood by and watched. I didn’t read about the hanged girls in India. The headline was more than enough.

This is the point at which I feel more than a little inclined to phone home and ask them to send the spaceship. Living among humans is becoming a bit too depressing.


Della said...

oh, ditto...I was thoroughly shocked to see that news as well. Looking for good stories now.

JJ Beazley said...

Good luck. If you take out horror, politics and celebrity gossip, there doesn't seem to be much left.