Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Further YouTube Rant.

I was listening to a piece of music on YouTube recently and noted that it had several thousand ‘likes’ and fourteen ‘dislikes.’ Somebody had commented that there must be 14 complete idiots in the world. I assume he’s the sort who doesn’t believe in people having different tastes than him. And then a real complete idiot had commented: ‘If you don’t like the music you shouldn’t listen to it.’ But how do you know you don’t like the music unless you first listen to it?

And it bugs me a bit that I can no longer even express a ‘like’ or a ‘dislike,’ much less leave a constructive comment or tell somebody he’s a complete idiot, without first joining another one of Google’s clubs and being afforded the privilege of having a Google Plus page. Well, I don’t want a Google Plus page and I don’t want to join any more Google clubs, so I decline to complete their impertinent questionnaire. It means that my YouTube experience is no longer an interactive one, which is a pity because I used to have some quite interesting conversations with people on YouTube. Even complete idiots.

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