Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Still Learning.

Today I saw the woman I posted about last week (see here) and I’m wondering whether my assessment might have been wrong. She was wearing skin-tight Lycra pants which revealed a posterior that was slightly less tight than you might expect. In addition, I noticed that she has a habit of smiling nicely at strangers – nicely, note – which tends to diminish her aura of fading, major league chic. But she was still accompanied by her farmer bloke and angelic little boy, so now I’m more intrigued than ever to know her story.

Sherlock never had doubts. That’s what’s wrong with him and right with me.

And I really must try to be less obvious in my unfailing drive to observe people. A few of them have started staring back with the potential for confrontation in their eyes, and I want to approach them and say ‘Please don’t take offence. I’m only studying you.’ I suspect it might make matters worse, so I whistle and study something close and inanimate instead.

(Having said which, the young woman in Tesco who so attracts my attention was wearing a hat today. That was most interesting.)

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