Thursday, 30 March 2017

An Unpopulist View.

Today was notable for pictures of people signing things which I disagree with and which will alter my future, although just how perceptibly remains to be seen. First it was Trump signing away America’s contribution to climate change effort, and then it was May signing away Britain’s formal connection with Europe.

On the latter subject, today’s Daily Mail was predictably euphoric:


… it cried in its predictably juvenile way. Well, as I said to the kiosk assistant in Sainsbury’s:

‘I see you’ve put the Daily Mail in the wrong place again.’

‘Why? Where should it be?’

‘Down there with the kiddies’ comics.’

The one thing that ameliorates my sense of anguish when I see the Daily Mail trespassing on the news shelves is the fact that I’m reminded that people buy it, and such a realisation encourages a sadly inevitable sense of detachment from my fellow Britons.

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