Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Day in the Life.

A day on which my bank screwed up and were impervious to all attempts to contact them. (It was Santander. I believe in naming names when I’m feeling angry and frustrated.)

A day on which I realised how naïve Google can be when it comes to the psychology of advertising. Can’t be bothered to explain right now – maybe I will another day.

A day on which I finally understood what makes the most beautiful woman I ever met… erm… the most beautiful woman I ever met. And why it’s probably better that I never see her again, although I expect I probably shall. The suffering goes on.

A day without dog fixes or missions to rescue the errant balloons of little ladies, but a woman in Sainsbury’s did keep touching my arm for some reason. And I did make it up with my old enemy, the Sainsbury’s manager, because I was feeling magnanimous.

And guess who showed his face again – my old friend the llama. Maybe I’ll publish the minutes of the meeting when it isn’t past my bed time.

It’s past my bed time.

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