Monday, 6 March 2017

Earning the Shiny Armour.

There was a little girl walking through the town today accompanied by two elderly women. She was holding a long ribbon to which was secured a gaily coloured helium balloon crafted in seductively shiny foil which hovered dutifully about two feet above her head until a rogue gust of wind snatched it away.

Her two companions were powerless to act, of course, being neither fleet of foot nor possessed of sufficiently keen reflexes. But JJ was at hand, and JJ was always good at catching things (he always fielded close to the bat when playing cricket, don’t you know, for those who comprehend the significance of the fact.) And so JJ caught the ribbon and arrested the errant balloon, and then returned it to its rightful owner who smiled a sweet smile of relief and thanks. (He thought she looked a little awestruck, but then JJ was ever given to dreaming of helping little ladies in need of rescue.) In any event the episode ended without tears and everyone was happy, and at such moments does life look a little more deserving of the effort it takes to live it.

And it might be more than mere coincidence that I’d just come out of the Asda store where the self-service till had given me an extra 2p piece in my change. I’d naturally offered to return it, being the sort of person I am, but they’d told me I might retain the fruits of my good fortune with their blessing and congratulation.

I think I ought to celebrate, but I’ve forgotten how.

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