Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Self-Recognition Question.

Let’s suppose you’re put aboard a spaceship, alone but with all practical and recreational needs supplied and with sufficient comestibles to last you a lifetime, and then sent off on a non-return trip into deep space which will only end for you when you die. You know you will never have any sort of contact with another human being again. What would it do to your ego?

Would you continue to keep yourself clean? Would you continue to wear good looking clothes? Would you continue to trim your hair, apart from doing so sufficiently to keep it out of your eyes? In short, would you bother with yourself at all apart from serving certain practical needs? Why bother to avoid smelling bad if there’s nobody there to smell you?

And the big question: what effect would it have on your sense of self if ego suddenly became redundant? Would you have any idea who you were?

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