Thursday, 23 March 2017

On Terrorism and PR.

Yesterday’s terrorist attack in London in which five people died and many more were injured was a terrible thing. That much goes without saying, even though it can be seen as another piece in a much bigger jigsaw puzzle which would take more than a blog post to address. And of course, after it was all over the politicians and police came out in front of the TV cameras to make their predictable speeches while the press worked on their predictable headlines.

They always do this. They use words like ‘hero’ and ‘cowardly’ and other words and phrases which are inaccurate and inappropriate in the circumstances. They amount to little more than an easily written fudge to suit the shallower end of understandable – and perfectly proper – public outrage. It gives the impression that they care deeply about the victims, but it makes me suspicious.

If they really do care, why can’t they come up with something original and meaningful to say? While they stand there doing the look and prating their predictable platitudes, I can’t help seeing it as little more than a public relations exercise. And that, it seems to me, is hardly doing the sufferers any favour.

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