Thursday, 9 February 2017

Spotting a Pale Sun.

Those who favour me with attention to my scribblings might remember the personage of Ms Wong who once got occasional mentions here. I had a dream about her a couple of nights ago and it seems she dreamt of me the same night. You know, I’ve never been the sort to seek connections, having always been first and foremost driven by the need to explore and observe, and yet connections seem to happen anyway. I'm not complaining.

*  *  *

Two young women stood with their dogs outside the entrance to Sainsbury’s today. One dog was a little fluffy thing being held close to a young breast and wrapped in copious layers of various fabrics as proof against the cold. The other, a much bigger mongrel, stood manfully and patiently by his human’s side sans coat, sans layers, sans everything. I smiled at him and he came over to say hello. What more can I say about the wonder of dogs?

*  *  *

And the girl in the coffee shop who normally treats me like something-the-cat-brought-in-having-first-devoured-and-then-regurgitated-it (how many more times must I type that?) was abnormally chatty and friendly today.

*  *  *

The sky is still full of dark clouds in the world of JJ, but bright spots do sometimes appear and a pale sun breaks through to remind me that there is a universe beyond the festering blanket.

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