Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Little Nigel's Big Ideas.

I read a news report recently to the effect that some high ranking person or other was denying having blocked a knighthood for Nigel Farage. It was one of those scratching of heads moments because let’s remind ourselves again just who Nigel Farage is.

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At the moment he is a Member of the European Parliament, which isn’t considered one of the weightiest jobs in politics. Before that he was leader of UKIP, a fringe political party that isn’t even a bona fide party, being really an isolationist pressure group. UKIP has only one MP in the British Parliament. That’s it. That’s who Nigel Farage is.

And yet he thinks he should be Britain’s ambassador to the US, and presumably he thinks he should have a knighthood. He’s like one of those gauche people who bore everybody rigid at parties because he thinks the wart on his cat’s ear is of international importance and merits being discussed ad nauseum. We had one at the theatre where I used to work. He started irritating the customers and had to be warned off by the Theatre Manager. The thought of Farage being given a knighthood attracts incredulity at the very least, and if ever he does get one you may rest assured that some dastardly string has been pulled somewhere in the sewers of power.

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