Saturday, 18 February 2017

Becoming Ill-Informed.

I’m becoming ever more reluctant to read the world news on the BBC website these days because every time I do so I see a picture of Trump or one his gang filling the screen. This morning it was Pence looking every bit the archetypical white, male, middle class, middle aged, hawkish servant of American sensibility in all its greatness. Facing him, but in inferior shot to the camera, was Angela Merkel looking like a sane, sensible and sensitive human being. Merkel was smiling; Pence wasn’t. I wondered why.

The problem is that every time I’m reminded of the fact that Trump and his hoods are placing themselves in the van of the free world I’m beset by a mixture of revulsion and deep suspicion, and it isn’t very nice. It isn’t.

So please, dear Americans, would you find some way of consigning these people to a dimly lit place more suited to their natures so that JJ can resume his habit of finding out what’s going in the world. If you could beat the British Empire in all its 19th century version of greatness, a mere gang of ne’er-do-wells slithering around the White House should be a piece of cake. Thank you.

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