Saturday, 25 February 2017

Acting Against Type.

I was just reading about how the witches of America are joining together to put a binding spell on Donald Trump and his supporters to deny them direction and dampen their dastardly deeds.

Well, what do you know? Here we are embroiled in an episode of the age-long battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, and the witches are very much on the side of the good guys. (And maybe they always were.) May I offer my own good wishes for more power to their candles.

And as you would expect, the conservative evangelicals are up in arms and reassuring everybody that the witches’ power is nothing compared with the power of Jesus. Well, whether it is or not I wouldn’t know, but I think it would be several leagues short of credible to suppose that Jesus would be on the side of Donald Trump. Darth Vader might be, but definitely not Jesus.

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