Friday, 10 February 2017

Being Cynical.

The dating site ads have started appearing on my YouTube page again after a long lay off, including the Ukrainian one which is offering the same lady from Kiev as it did twelve months ago. Not doing very well, is she, even though she has all the credentials – fulsome bosom, low-cut top, long auburn hair, ample foundation to hide the defects, a come hither smile and the stated aim of meeting ‘a REAL MAN.’ So I wonder why she’s still being paraded around the auctioneer’s ring.

Maybe she smells bad. Maybe her table manners aren’t too good. Maybe her fulsome bosom makes a habit of knocking the wine glass over. Maybe she has trouble getting beyond the state of the weather in conversation. Maybe her foundation runs in the heat of passion. Maybe REAL MEN don’t go in for dating ad sites, only artificial ones.

Or maybe I'm not the sort to warrant upper case letters. Maybe I should stop listening to Chinese women with butterscotch voices and captivating eyes singing Buddhist mantras. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Maybe I should shut up and be my age for a change. Maybe I need lessons in how to relate to the real world.

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