Friday, 3 February 2017

On Rowling and the Trump Trolls.

I see JK Rowling is in trouble with Trump’s brigade of brainless Orcs. (And I do hope she’ll forgive my authorial cross-reference, but Orcs and Trump do go so well together.) They’re most put out by the fact that she went public and criticised the travel ban, and are venting their anaemic spleens on her Twitter account. They say they’re going to burn her books and DVDs. They say she’s disgusting and should keep out of politics.

Fortunately, Ms Rowling is not only an extremely attractive woman, she’s also an extremely rich and intelligent one. And so she’s holding her ground pithily and pointedly, explaining to them in words of few syllables that she’s already got their money so why should she care what they do with the bits of paper and plastic. If they had any sense they’d see that she’s laughing at them, but I think it most unlikely that they have.

I wonder whether the wizened ones are aware that she criticised Trump quite expertly long before the Great Accident of History happened and he somehow became President. I read her essay. It seemed like me talking in somebody else’s choice of words.

And so, as the world polarises into the good and intelligent people on one side of the Trump fence (not the Mexican one this time) and the nasty, dumb cave dwellers on the other, I’m so glad to see JK on our side. Welcome, lady. Your contribution is much valued.

*  *  *

Meanwhile, back in the Shire, I have the mystery of T88 to consider. Is there a metamorphosis going on here? And since I do so like to be irritatingly enigmatic now and then, I’ll leave it at that. (Except maybe to say that if I’d seen the rest and it read SLD, there would no longer be a mystery. Don’t even think about it unless your initials happen to be SLD.)


Della said...

I love the way Rowling shoots back at these trolls or as you say, Orcs. Their attacks are just WRONG on so many levels, they must be difficult to address calmly. But she manages it. I agree, the world feels like it's divided into GOOD vs BAD these days. It's a kind of Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter-styled epic (your authorial cross reference works, haha). I once thought that 90% of us knew which side was which. Not anymore.

PS. I also hear your voice in her essays.

JJ Beazley said...

Seems like we need a Gandalf, Della. The American judiciary can't hold the line forever, and it's an international problem anyway.

PS. How kind. Thanks.