Friday, 7 August 2015

When People Come and Go.

I’ll tell you what I’ve experienced a lot in life: people who come to me for help or advice or companionship when they need it, and then remove themselves and ignore or reject me when they don’t. It used to bother me; I used to take the view that it was manipulative and selfish, but I don’t any more.

Now I’m more likely to put it down to that old principle I keep harping on about – that each of us lives in our own version of reality, and that it can change by the day, the hour, or even the minute. What’s more, it seems that a lot of the more complex personality types effectively have several different people living in the same body (which is certainly true of me) so that when one persona living in one current version of reality is drawn to me, it’s perfectly genuine, and when a different persona living in another version isn’t, that’s perfectly genuine, too.

The difficulty comes when you’re the sort who tends to attract the more complex personality type, as I seem to be. It means you’re likely to get picked up and dropped a lot, but allowances have to be made.

Of course, there are those to whom this doesn’t apply. Some people are just manipulative and selfish. The trick is in learning to spot the difference.

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