Monday, 31 August 2015

Going into Partnership.

My computer and I appear to be engaging in some sort of mind meld. It usually gets cranky at the same time as I do, and when I’ve had a drink it does the strangest things. A few nights ago it switched all the tabs around in the browser, which I wouldn’t have thought possible but maybe a drunken computer can do anything. (That’s one thing we don’t have in common. When I’m drunk I’m merely capable of doing different things than when I’m sober.)

I’m a little concerned at where this might be leading. Those who have seen the cult film Dark Star might recall the amusing attempts of the astronaut to persuade the onboard computer to override the ship’s self-destruct system, using logic. Problem: computers are good at logic even in the context of matters existential, and the astronaut is struggling… Will it one day come to that, I wonder. And then there’s the matter of when I die. Instead of waking on a barge crossing placid waters in the company of three queens en route to Avalon, will I find myself looking out of a monitor screen? If so, I just hope there’s something worth looking at.

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