Sunday, 30 August 2015

Backing My Instinct.

There are four ‘recommendations’ on the back of movie DVD boxes that never fail to have me putting them straight back on the shelf. They are:

Academy Award-winning

Family entertainment

All action


A few nights ago I mentioned watching this film, and the box didn’t have any of those words on it:

It stayed with me all the next day, and the following night I was seriously tempted to watch it again. That’s virtually unheard of for me. It’s loaded with atmosphere, elegance, subtle observation, emotional power and ice-cold charm. And the young female protagonist has a wonderful way of dealing with lecherous male cellists (not to mention seducing the older female pianist whose life she wants to ruin.) That has to be some recommendation, and I’m so glad I was right and didn’t put it back on the shelf.

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