Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bible Night.

Tonight I went searching the web for what people are claiming as Biblical evidence for reincarnation. Bit silly, really, since people routinely interpret the Bible in whatever way suits their prejudices and cultural conditioning. The Bible is that sort of book. I did find two interesting bits, though.

One man said that reincarnation is the only way to make sense of ‘God’s perfect justice.’ Quite. That was the problem I had as a kid, and was a major reason for my giving up on Christianity. Interestingly, I never gave up on Jesus. Jesus is OK.

The other man said that since reincarnation is not explicitly taught in the Bible, it can’t be true. Well now, if that doesn’t raise an eyebrow to the heavens and encourage me to thank God that I gave up on Christianity… You might as well say that because my school history books made no mention of Leif Erikson, it proves the Vikings never went to America.

(Ah, but I’m forgetting. My school history books were written by humans, whereas the Bible was written by God. I see, so that’s why the world has been ruled by the preeminence of white middle aged males all these centuries. Good. I feel vindicated.)

I also watched a YouTube video about the number 666 (and 616) presented by a couple of mathematicians. It seems the evidence is pretty compelling: the number is simply about St John the Divine having a personal dig at the Emperor Nero in code. Forget all that stuff in The Omen. Damien is just zis kid, you know?

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