Monday, 10 August 2015

The Bad, the Bad, and the Beautiful.

Today’s Tale of Three Women.

The Bad

I got an email from Blogger this morning, saying that the priestess had invited me to view her blog which she has now made private. I went through the ‘Accept’ procedure and got a message which said: This invitation is now invalid. What is a simple chap to make of life, eh? What?

The Bad

I missed a serious traffic accident by inches and by virtue of a quick (and very firm) right foot. Her fault, 100%. Maybe she thought she was a Flying Apsara to whom red traffic lights don’t apply. And me just a simple mortal…

The Beautiful

On that note, here’s another picture of a Flying Apsara from the cave murals at Dunhuang in China. It should be evident by now that, being a simple sort of male, I’m a bit into Chinese things.

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