Thursday, 20 August 2015

On Dogs and Dodgy Dealing.

I noticed a display of multi-pack crisps in a store yesterday which proclaimed:

7 for the price of 5

What it should have said in equally prominent lettering, but didn’t, was:

But please note:
The individual packs in this multi-pack are 11% lighter
than our regular packs.

They were. I checked. That’s what makes the claim ‘7 for the price of 5’ a lie, since there’s no direct comparison. And that kind of institutionalised commercial dishonesty is something we shouldn’t put up with.

By contrast…

Anyone who read last night’s post might recall my mentioning that I was bitten twice by a Pit Bull Terrier. It’s true; I was, once on each ear lobe. He was just showing affection, you see, and his bite was suitably restrained. Humans say it with flowers; Pit Bulls say it with their teeth. That’s a kind of honesty, and it’s why I generally prefer dogs to most people – certainly that breed of person who runs a large commercial organisation and not only regards the conning of the public in order to make more profit an acceptable way to behave, but even considers himself important in the process of so doing. For what it's worth – if anything – I prefer straight dealing, even if it leaves me with ear lobes that are a little engorged but otherwise uninjured.  

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