Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Just Waiting for the Nightcap.

I found an unfamiliar beetle on my bedroom carpet earlier. Being curious, I put it on a piece of white paper and brought it down for identification aided by Google’s Images of Beetles.

(I’m uneasy about doing that sort of thing. It occurs to me that I have no right to interfere with the life path of an innocent creature which hasn’t done me any harm. It wasn’t even in the way, for heaven’s sake. But curious I am, so I permitted myself to err mightily – and felt guilty in consequence. I seem to be feeling guilty a lot lately.)

Anyway, according to Google’s Images of Beetles, it was a species with the imposing title Brown Beetle. Oh well, so much for tonight’s excursion into the exotic. I took it to the further end of the room and left it on the piece of paper to continue its inoffensive existence without further assault from some damn human.

It sat there, unmoving, for an hour. A whole hour. Beetles must do a good line in patience. I went to the kitchen to fetch a small scotch, and when I came back it had gone. Good. I feel better already.

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