Monday, 1 August 2016

The Question of Sanity.

Some consideration is currently being given to whether or not I’m insane (mostly by me; I don’t think anybody else really cares.)

The fact is, I don’t know. Where should the line be drawn and who is really qualified to draw it? I keep coming back to that favourite dictum of mine:

Perception is the whole of the life experience.

I suspect that perception is more individualised than we think it is. I suspect that the seemingly homogeneous quality of what we regard as ‘normal’ perception is often an act generated subconsciously by the majority of people in order to belong to their tribe. Maybe that’s what sanity is – the ability to subconsciously generate the requisite appearance of perception. I haven’t a clue, but it does raise a question:

How can we know what our friends and neighbours get up to when darkness falls and the curtains are drawn, much less what secret thoughts they keep locked up in their heads?

*  *  *

I thought I’d post a couple more of those arty pictures that I used to think were dead good, but no longer do. 

I seem to recall having Kafka vaguely in mind when I took this one. It doesn’t have a title, but maybe it should. Maybe it should be called Awaiting the Verdict, or some such. Or maybe it shouldn’t.

And this is a picture of an old door that I greatly admired at one time. It doesn’t have a title either, but maybe it answers a question.

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