Monday, 8 August 2016

Overstating the Trivial.

I saw a poster in a shop window today showing a pretty average-looking young woman doing the pouty thing. Her name was writ large below:

Kourtney Kardashian.

Oh right, so presumably she’s one of them. My problem here is that I have absolutely zero interest in phenomena like the Kardashians apart from the cultural curiosity of their seemingly phenomenal status. (And I suppose I must admit a mild degree of respect for the fact that their parents were apparently attracted to alliteration.)

The poster went on:

Look and Feel Better (presumably by using these products, whatever they were.) That’s OK; that’s just typical marketing gobbledegook. But the best was reserved for the bottom line: Ms KK’s signature, no less. It said:

Global Brand Ambassador.

Wowee! That’s an impressively grandiose title for a woman who’s being paid a great deal of money just for allowing her pretty average-looking face to be plastered across a pile of posters, isn’t it?

*  *  *

But the day was saved when the Tesco cashier overcharged me for a bottle of beer (isn’t it good when words rhyme by accident?) When I went to the customer service desk to claim the 36p difference, I came away with a substantial profit. Now that’s what I call a matter of significance.

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