Thursday, 4 August 2016

Contrasting Snaps.

This is a typical holiday snap (Google images):

Did I ever say how much I dislike bikinis?

This is another sort of holiday snap (Google images):

Did I ever say how much I dislike the habit of celebrating the fact that you killed something just because you could?

This is my sort of holiday snap:

Mel at Ullswater, Lake District, and I hadn't even heard of The Mists of Avalon when I took it.

Good job we're all made differently, isn't it? And while I'm doing the boring get-the-photo-album-out thing, I thought I'd post a couple more.

This is Mel and me and Penny le Pooch at somewhere-or-other. The most notable thing about it (apart from the fact that I'm not frowning for once) is the shirt. Anyone who's read my story The Seeing of Sheona McCormack might remember the reference to 'the guy in the check shirt.' This is the very one. Seductive, isn't it?

And this is a castle, the name of which I don't recall (but I think it was in Shropshire.) What I do remember is the fact that the tree was taller than the building, which seemed uncommonly presumptuous of it (although perfectly proper in my opinion.)

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