Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Three Trees Day.

Three people spoke to me today. Do you realise how unusual that is? It is.

The first was a woman who wanted to talk about how that crazy man in America manages to be the official candidate for one of the parties, so I gave her my conspiracy theory lecture. She didn’t appear convinced, but we agreed that the world of politics encapsulates most of what’s wrong with the human race.

The second was a man who told me all about his prostate operation. I said ‘Are you all right now?’ and he said ‘Yes, couldn’t be better,’ and I replied ‘Good.’ That was pretty exciting.

The third was a young woman of relatively distant acquaintance (I used to know her sister better) who said ‘Hi, Jeff’ so quietly and demurely that I felt in need of a sand bag to keep me grounded. I said ‘Hiya,’ which I later regretted. Why I didn’t say ‘Hello, Rebecca. How are you, my dear?’ I don’t know. Maybe I was nervous.

So, to celebrate a three conversation day, I thought I’d post a picture of three trees. I could have sworn I’d posted this picture before, but it isn’t in my picture file so I mustn’t have done. It’s one of my favourites. I’ll post my favourite woodland shot another time.

I just noticed there's a fourth tree on the right. Damn.

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