Friday, 26 August 2016

Achieving a Position.

One of these days, when I’m in a more positive and generally more optimistic frame of mind, I might endeavour to construct a post to justify the assertion that:

One of the effects of becoming a recluse is that it subdues the ego, and in so doing erodes one’s sense of self.

But for now, here’s something completely different.

I rarely laugh. I smile a lot and chuckle occasionally, but I’m a relative stranger to full blown laughter. This made me laugh:

Anyone who has never seen the whole film and doesn’t know the wider context might suspect a hint of anti-Semitism in it. There is none. Neither does it have very much to do with Romans or the Roman Empire. It’s a parody on that curious phenomenon called the English class system, and raises an interesting point:

From 1066 until the end of the Middle Ages, the English aristocrats were the real tough guys of society. And then along came the Renaissance and they gradually metamorphosed into figures of fun. You’ve only got to look at the Royal Family to see that they haven’t realised it yet.

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