Friday, 12 August 2016

Dull Day and Discarded Posts.

Having read the latest piece of political comedy from the Trump campaign, I thought of making a serious post about how it doesn’t matter much whether he or Hillary wins in November because they’re just two slightly differing servants of the same control system, and how it’s the system that’s in need of a radical overhaul. But I’m tired of Trump, and I’m tired of being serious, so I can’t be bothered.

So then I thought of making a post about why 13th August (tomorrow) has proved a significant date in my life on several occasions, and why I always expect something significant to happen on that day. But I suspect I made that post last year, so why bother?

And then I thought of making the annual post about why I don’t like the month of August very much, but I’m not in the mood for tedious repetition.

The fact is, I have nothing to say today because nothing much has happened, so have a picture (which I took) of one of Britain’s Great Stately Homes. This one is called Sudbury Hall and is the closest one to where I live – about 10 miles that way.

I know three things about it:

1. The posh people who used to own it don’t any more. The National Trust does (and I don’t like the National Trust very much either.)

2. It has a Museum of Childhood containing such wondrous artefacts as dolls, rocking horses, and bibs stained with yellow vomit. (I made the last one up because I have to find something to joke about, don’t I? What would be the point of life otherwise? And why shouldn’t they have bibs stained with yellow vomit in a museum of childhood anyway?)

3. It’s older than America.

I’m bored.

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