Thursday, 6 February 2014

Testosterone and Tittle-Tattle.

I always preferred to feel things with my fingers and sniff them with my nose, rather than weigh them with my arms. That tendency did not, however, apply to opposition rugby players.

Do poets have testosterone? I’ve always wondered.

And while I’m in poetic vein, I just have to post this again. Have to. 

Sorry for the repetition, but this woman’s voice has the power to make me feel physically lighter. (The priestess did that once. Literally. She’s Chinese, too.) And the girl in the video looks very like my old friend Chan San-Mei, only Sam (as she preferred to be known, having been born in Birmingham rather than Beijing) wore glasses.

And on the subject of lifting things with arms, I was driving up Green Lane this morning when I saw a piece of fallen tree branch lying across the road. Cars were driving around it. Can you believe that? I stopped mine, got out and moved it. It was raining, too.

And on the subject of rain and fallen tree branches, the BBC has dispensed with their weather forecasters and replaced them with a recorded announcement which says: ‘Tomorrow will be wet and windy.’

Oh, and on the subject of wet and windy, several young women stared at me in Ashbourne today. I think it must have been because I was wearing a cap, which I usually don’t. That doesn’t explain the bluff older woman with leathery skin and wearing a long blue skirt, though. She took pains to attract my attention and say ‘hi’ like she knew me, really knew me. I’ve no idea who she was, but I said ‘hi’ back. It’s what you do.

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