Monday, 24 February 2014

A Little Retrospective.

I thought I might make a post about the observation and analysis of extended downs, since it’s something I do a lot these days. But then I decided you can take self-indulgence too far, so I thought I’d post this short clip from Twin Peaks instead. Andy is having trouble with the simple things in life as usual, but the log lady is on good form. And ‘Have you seen this man?’ is a very good joke if you get it.

Between the autumn of 1990 and the spring of ’91, I didn’t just watch Twin Peaks, I lived it. I got through a lot of coffee and cherry pie during those few months. Conditions were just right, you see: I was living in splendid isolation, I was travelling the country taking photographs for a living, and I’d given up on women. I failed in one respect, but life would be terribly boring without a touch of failure here and there.

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