Friday, 13 May 2016

Where Was I?

It's now Friday evening. I've been without a computer since Wednesday morning and it's been hell, it really has. I did know how much I rely on the old chap (who actually isn't that old) but the extent of my frustration surprised even me.

I found several historical documentaries to watch on the TV, and found them as full of speculation disguised as certainty as they've always been. I watched an episode of a favourite old TV sitcom which I've seen so many times I almost know the script. And I found an American real-life-ghost-stories shows which was tedious as hell (or maybe it just seemed that way because that's where I was at the time.)

Late at night I was reduced to listening to old albums on my crappy old audio unit, which brought back a few memories but lacked the quality of YouTube-with-headphones. And there were no visuals to compliment the musical experience. Oddly, I drank less beer but more scotch. I wonder why that was. As I said, hell on earth.

Yesterday I became very cross when the receptionist at the repair place told me my computer hadn't even been looked at yet because 'everybody was away on call-outs.' I was less than polite to her, poor thing, and I discovered something about myself in the process: when I get cross, I exhibit psychopathic tendencies. Fortunately they don't last long, and then I'm really, really sorry because I realise she's probably a very nice person who just happened to say the wrong thing quite innocently. But that's the problem with psychopaths: they're congenitally inclined to shoot messengers and be utterly intolerant of anything less than perfection. I met the receptionist today. She's small and pretty, a fact which I might turn into a post later.

And therein lies my problem. Now I need to catch up, but I've forgotten all the posts I wrote in my head while languishing in the hungry ghost realm. I suppose I could mention the llamas...

More later maybe.

(Oh, and I discovered something about the Lady Bella. Remember her? And I noticed that nobody asked me whether I'd died.)

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