Saturday, 14 May 2016

Catching Up.

So, having failed to make most of the posts I should have made but couldn’t over the past couple of days, let’s skip forward to today and recount a few more things that are of no interest to anybody but me (because it’s my blog.)

1. I saw the first of this year’s fledglings this morning. Of all the fine feathered creatures which visit my garden, this is my favourite: the Robin. So alert, aware, positive and speckly-chested. Utterly delightful.

2. Today I did something I’ve never done in my life before: I parked next to HT54 in a car park. I noticed that the Lady B parks her car just as I do – perfectly. Midway between the lines, properly parallel, nose right up to the kerb but not beyond so as to avoid inconveniencing pedestrians. People who understand and respect space have my admiration, unlike most of the people who park in Sainsbury’s car park and have me wishing for the arrival of the spaceship that will carry me to somewhere further away than Jupiter (or even Australia, come to that.)

3. I went to the computer repair place this morning to check on the progress of my job and was approached by a receptionist who was small and pretty and who I hadn’t seen before. ‘I haven’t seen you before,’ I remarked. ‘That’s because I’m new,’ she replied.

At that point I was moved to want to say ‘My, you’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?’ It seemed to me to be a perfectly reasonable observation, since she was both pretty and little, but of course she would have misconstrued it. She would have assumed me to be an aging, sexist, wannabee Lothario who hadn’t yet realised that this is 2016 not 1716, and who was last seen as the dim-witted, aristocratic, perennial fall guy in Blackadder III. Not wishing to give offence or be thought out of touch, I kept quiet.

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