Friday, 13 May 2016

Where Was I #2?

As I said earlier, post after post came running through my head during my period of absence, and I knew at the time I should have been writing them down longhand so as to transpose them via the keyboard once it was re-attached to a functioning computer. But I was too fed up… and it seemed like tempting providence… and, you know… but this was one:

I was walking along Mill Lane yesterday when I passed the field where the llamas live. (These are real llamas, you understand, not my mystical, know-it-all visitor.) One of them was standing close to the gate watching me, so I said ‘hello.’ Upon hearing this, another llama half way across the field got very excited and came galloping over, bucking like a prize steer as it did so. (Whoever would have thought that llamas gallop and buck? I wouldn’t, but anyway…) As it approached, the first llama also became excited and started jinking around, and then they faced one another and charged. So was there a cracking of heads? No. They lifted their forefeet and banged their chests together with a resounding thud reminiscent of sumo wrestlers, before intertwining their long necks in a seemingly affectionate manner. Isn’t that nice? I assume that chest banging and neck linking must the llama’s version of a hug, and JJ learned something new which can’t be a bad thing.

I was also enthralled last night by the sight of Jupiter holding station a little to the east of the moon. It seemed inconceivable that I was seeing something that is 400,000x further away than Australia. I suppose that means it must be a bit bigger than Australia, which I think I already knew anyway.

And now I’m convinced of the notion that I’m out of practice with regard to the making of blog posts and that none of the above is of the slightest interest to anybody, so now I’m going to have a cup of tea. I might make another deeply uninteresting post later.

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