Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Finding Something Worth Saying.

I’m finding it very difficult to come up with anything worth saying on the blog at the moment. Having suffered an attack of the garrulous version of gastro-enteritis following the Affair of the Computer Rebuild, subsequent matters have been relatively lame and would have been embarrassing to report.

(I suppose I might mention that the new girl in the chip shop continues to give me more chips in a standard portion than her predecessor did – which is good because I like chips. Then again, I might not.)

I was quite pleased by one of the minor matters I came across in the news today. Remember what I said about Boris Johnson and his assertion that the EU bears parallels with Hitler? Well, it seems that even some senior Tories agree with me. They’re muttering things like ‘Please ignore Boris, he’s losing the plot.’ And I’m not blind to the fact that this bears some comparison with matters affecting our American cousins, because I gather many senior Republicans are saying pretty much the same about Donald Trump. And to make the comparison even more tantalising, it might be noted that both men are still sporting the same hairstyle as they did when they were fourteen. In Trump’s case it’s a sort of exaggerated Beach Boys, whereas Boris’s mop is more a restrained Beatles. But it’s still a telling coincidence, isn’t it?

The big news, though, is some intelligence I received from an ex-pat Aussie woman with whom I’ve been corresponding on YouTube. She tells me that Australia (among other places down in that part of the world) is home to a very dangerous bird called the Cassowary, so I looked it up on Wiki and came across the following:

Of 221 attacks studied in 2003, 150 were against humans. 75% of these were from cassowaries that had been fed by people.

OK, so if ever I move to north eastern Australia (which is unlikely, but you never know) I give up feeding the birds. Got it.

 What was that you just said about my mother?

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