Monday, 2 May 2016

Some Girly Trivia.

The problem with this blog is that it’s become a vehicle for trivia lately, so when I’m not in the mood for writing trivia I have nothing to say. But I suppose I should try to write something because, as my favourite TV detective said: ‘whatever gets you through.’ (It’s the second time I’ve quoted that line in the last week, so it must have some bearing on my current mental residence.)

OK, then: Trivia Time:

1. The four teenage girls on the other side of the aisle began to exhibit a state bordering on panic as the train pulled out of the station the other day. One of them leant across to me and asked:

‘Excuse me. Are you going to Uttoxeter?’

‘Yes,’ I said, at which revelation the panic subsided. I leant back and asked ‘Why?’

‘We thought the train was going the wrong way.’

Trivial as this might seem, there’s a point to be noted here. All four of them thought the train was going the wrong way, even though they’d come in from the same direction only four hours earlier (I was on the same train.) I suspect this might be a by-product of the poking and stroking era. All four of them did little else the whole time, so maybe the space between stations simply disappeared into the darkness beyond the divine light of four iPhones in worshipful employment. Whatever happened to books?

They went electronic, mate.



2. The young woman to whom I directed an enquiry in the Argos store today was friendly, articulate, clearly spoken, understanding and helpful. She got the problem in one and solved it with consummate ease. Being so unassumingly and unfailingly helpful is unusual these days, so I couldn’t help asking:

‘Where on earth did they find you? You’re good.’

She said nothing, so I continued:

‘Bet you haven’t got a degree.’


Make of it what you will.

3. And I had a missive from the priestess yesterday, apologising for the fact that she doesn’t love me. I was a little surprised because a) I never asked her to, b) I didn’t think she did anyway, and c) it really doesn’t matter. My reply was an attempt to reassure her by saying pretty much the same (only in rather more words) so she has no issue of conscience on her plate because of me. I’m much too fond of her to want that. And besides, I expect she’ll get a promotion to goddess one of these days, and then she probably will. (I like to think that goddesses smile on me. It’s my only vice.)

But then I had a thought. Somebody (dear Zoe, I think) once reminded me of a line from a movie:

The opposite of love isn’t hate. The opposite of love is indifference.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Trivia Out.

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