Saturday, 14 May 2016

Envying the Land of the Free.

I gather Donald Trump’s long time butler – or senior aide, depending on which part of the report you take as being more truly representative of his erstwhile exalted position – has gone public with his opinion of the current incumbent of His Master’s Aspiration. He says that President Obama should either be ‘taken out’ by the military (one of those delightful phrases which he no doubt picked up from movies about US marines kicking ass) or publicly hanged in front of the White House. Only it shouldn’t be called the White House, apparently; it should be called the White Mosque.

This is what we Europeans so envy about American culture – that disarmingly childlike candour which we are quite unable to emulate in the higher echelons of public visibility. We, too, have plenty of people with infantile mentalities either seeking or hanging around the fringes of power, but we tend to keep them well hidden in order to protect what little reputation we might still have in the world. America, it seems, has no such reservations. Oh to be so free.


Lost.At.Sea. said...

Yes, we all have idiots. We like to keep ours in big government and the media, in control of our money and military. The fact that Donald Trump has such a vast following indicates that the percentage of idiots hear is growing exponentially. The empire has fallen. The media loves to keep Donald Trump front and center, on a constant loop. You know, in case we had even a shred of respect left from the rest of the world. This is a sad age for America.

JJ Beazley said...

I heard Noam Chomsky say recently something along the lines of 'this is a sad age for America.'

But take heart. I get the impression that America is becoming more polarised into the enlightened and the unenlightened ones, and the former can see America's slide into a culture characterised by an obsession with wealth, power, and the dissemination of superficial values to keep the masses anaethsetized. Some of the best people I've known (and still do) have been Americans. Maybe the good guys will win out in the end.

And Britain isn't so far behind you these days. We're seeing some of the same values taking hold here. The Brexit issue is even bringing some of the loons out of the closest at the highest levels. Some of the things that some of the supposedly serious politicians are saying are quite ridiculous. There's a guy called Boris Johnson - ex Mayor of London and tipped to become Prime Minister one day - who is doing a passable imitation of Donald Trump. I've taken to calling him 'the Johnson' in recognition of the fact. He doesn't own any hotels (as far as I know) but he is an Old Etonian.