Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tommy's Legacy.

I’m still suffering a bit of a hangover from having a horse nuzzle my cheek. (He was a very handsome palomino hunter called Tommy. 16½ hands of unadulterated magnificence.)

How come it’s taken me this long to get the elegance, the nobility, the intelligence and the sensitivity of horses? Not to mention the sheer character they exude, whether it be a palomino hunter, a piebald nag or a Shetland pony. I never had a problem getting women and dogs, so why not horses?

Don’t know, but I’ve started to have intriguing imaginings around the concept of a conversation between a dog and a horse. Maybe I’ll write about it one day.

(One thing I never had a problem with is how good women look on horseback, especially if their hair is flying free and the surf is splashing nicely.)

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