Monday, 20 October 2014

In the Mind of the Beholder.

Following on from the last post, I thought that while I’m still sitting on a rock crying over Gandalf, I might post a video I’ve been watching a lot lately.

It’s supposed to be about images of joy, but the editor clearly intends you to see it as images of beauty – beauty being an essential corollary of joy, granted, but here’s the problem:

The beauty you’re supposed to be wowed by is the physical beauty of The Woman, but for me she’s only fifth in line. My list, in order of precedence, would be:

1. The kids, and especially the little girl being cradled to the chest of the big girl. Is there anything more beautiful than a child grinning?

2. The horse. One of the big revelations of this year has been that I’m starting to ‘get’ horses, and they seem to be responding.

3. The flamingo – moving, but you have to wonder how they got the shots.

4. The step off the ledge and the plummet into the pool. Something to do with giving yourself up to freefall, I suppose.

5. The Woman, but only at 2.31 – 2.33 where she has the look of the Lady B about her.

It’s fortunate that the Lady B doesn’t read this blog any more, or else she would probably stop speaking to me for saying that. Come to think of it, she doesn’t speak to me these days anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. (Not many people do, you know. I think it must be the hairstyle.)

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